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Lightweight Refractory Materials

For Backup linings and improved Thermal Efficiency we can offer a large range of Lightweight Refractory materials.

Insulation BrickLightweight Refractory Materials

From 23 grade through to 34 grade bubble alumina insulating brick covering service temperatures of 1260C to 1850C brick we can provide a high efficiency hot face or back up lining to suit the majority of applications.

  • 23 Grade IFB
  • 26 Grade IFB
  • 28 Grade IFB
  • 30 Grade IFB
  • 34 Grade IFB

These products are generally available in standard metric sizes as Straights, Splits, Pups, Side Arch and End Arch bricks. Non standards can be cut or shaped to your requirements.

Insulation Castable

We can provide a product to suit the majority of back up and high efficiency hot face linings from:

  • Ultra Light Weight Insulating Castable
  • Light Weight Insulating Castable
  • Medium Weight Insulating Castable
  • Medium Weight High Temperature Insulating Castable

Precast and Fired Shapes

When a special shape or a product with specific properties are required which would be uneconomical to manufacture in brick or unrealistic to cast in situ, we can offer a shape either Precast or Precast and Fired from one of our Castable Materials to suit.

Insulation Jointing Cements

We provide a full range of compatible refrectory cements in both dry bagged and wet products to suit whatever requirements of your brickwork and application.