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Dense Refractory

We offer a wide range of traditional hot face refractory products to suit every application including:



  • Firebricks
  • Acid Resistant Firebricks
  • Silliminite Bricks
  • Andalusite Bricks
  • Bauxite Bricks
  • Tabular Alumina Bricks
  • Silicon Carbide Bricks
  • Basic and Fire Basic Bricks

These products are generally available in standard metric sizes as Straights, Splits, Pups, Side Arch and End Arch bricks. Non standards can be cut or shaped to your requirements.


Our Dense Castable range covers service temperatures of 1100C – 1850C, and encompasses:

  • Conventional Course grained Castable                                                                               monolithic-refractory-castables-250x250
  • Fine grain Castable
  • Low Iron Castable
  • Low Cement Castable
  • No Cement Castable
  • Free-Flow Castable
  • Gunning Mixes
  • Shot-Crete

We can advise which type of product and installation method is correct for your application.

Precast and Fired Shapes

precastWhen a special shape or a product with specific properties are required which would be uneconomical to manufacture in brick or unrealistic to cast in situ, we can offer a shape either Precast or Precast and Fired from one of our Castable Matterials to suit.


We offer a full range of mouldables, for use where brick or castable would be impractical.

  • 40% Alumina Mouldable
  • 60% Alumina Mouldable
  • 70% Phosphate Bonded Alumina Mouldable
  • 88% Alumina Chrome Mouldable
  • 90% Alumina Mouldable

Jointing Cements

We provide a full range of compatible refractory cements in both dry bagged and wetmortar pic

 products to suit whatever the requirements of your brickwork and application. Please contact our salesteam for further technical help or information on pricing and availability – 0141 643 3636