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Stainless & Incalloy Anchors

Refractory materials must be anchored in place to support the lining ie roof/nose arch and to fix the refractory lining to the furnace casing. We provide a vast range of fixings for this purpose. Anchors are available in metalic and ceramic format.

Metalic Anchors

Floating Wall Anchors – Wiggly ‘V’ type. Used in walls: Cleat is welded to casing, anchor sits in cleat.


Rotary Kiln Anchors – A ‘V’ tack welded to a square cleat, which is welded to the casing.

pic 12

Hex-mesh Anchors – For thin linings, petrochemical applications.


Crook Anchors –  For tight/different spaces. Used for veneered/patch repairs, with a wedge anchor.


Y-Anchors – 2 part anchor for multi-component linings. The stud part of the anchor will retain back-up layers of board, whilst the V can anchor castable


V-Anchors – For single component lining or back up layer.

pic 16


Ceramic Anchors

Features: Ceramic Anchors

  • Suitable for high temperature applications
  • Used when anchorage is required through to the hot face lining
  • Greater cross sectional area/key

Ceramic Anchors – Temperature Rating

Alumina Content

40-50%                                           1400°C

60-70%                                            1500°C

80%                                                  1600°C

90%+                                                1800°C

Ceramic Anchors in Walls – Multi-component system to allow lateral and vertical movement/expansion


Ceramic Anchors in Roofs – C Clips, Various designs of C-Clip are available to accomodate many beam sizes and shapes

Ceramic Anchors in Roofs – RH’S, Anchor brick used with ‘roof hanger’.


Roof hangers available in different lengths. Can be custom made to fit different beam sizes & profiles


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