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Ceramic Tubes, Insulators & Element Hanging Systems

Ceramic Rods / Tubes & Sheaths

We stock and supply a wide range of Ceramic rods and tubes for use as supports and thermocouple sheaths in a variety of dimensions and qualities:

  • Insulators – we have a range of standard sized flanged tubes for use as element lead outs and can manufacture bespoke sizes to suit. We supply custom pressed/machined terminal blocks to suit your application
  • Element Hanging Systems – working with several partner companies we can offer ceramic hangers and hanging systems to suit the vast majority of standard electrical element hanging systems. Where required we can offer bespoke ceramic hanging systems

Materials Available:

  • Impervious Alumina
  • Mullite
  • 99.5% Alumina
  • Quartz
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Silicon Nitride